LAURACEA products are handcrafted in Italy using the highest quality materials. Any slight imperfections or variations in color cannot be considered defects, but rather characteristics of the unique materials used to produce LAURACEA products. We recommend that you store your LAURACEA products in their original protective fabric bag, in a cool and dry place. If the LAURACEA product should get wet, hang to dry away from any heat source and away from direct sunlight.

Acetone, hand sanitizer, and other alcohol based products can remove the color and damage the finish on leather, including the materials used for LAURACEA products. Always be careful to keep these items away from LAURACEA products.

To clean your LAURACEA waterproof leather, use only a clean cloth with water. Do not apply leather cleaners or similar products to your waterproof leather. See our video “How to Clean Your Waterproof Leather Bag” here.

LAURACEA provides product care and repair services for products purchased from, LAURACEA stores/showroom and authorized LAURACEA retailers. LAURACEA does not provide repair services for products purchased through unauthorized resellers. A proof of purchase is required and can be provided by order confirmation.

Product care and repair services are handled by a Client Advisor. Product care and repair services start with an initial evaluation of the item’s conditions. Depending on the specific request, the Client Advisor will provide the best options and solutions and will keep you informed throughout the process. Each product is evaluated on an individual basis and therefore timelines will vary. Most repairs take a minimum of three months or more to complete. All leather goods are considered for repair. Sample products, promotional items, and products outside of the continental United States are not eligible for consideration. A Client Advisor can be contacted at or on the Contact Us page of the website. The contact form can be found here.